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Total Thiol Assay Kit


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Rel Assay Diagnostics Total Thiol Measurement Assay Kit

Intended Use
For the quantitative in vitro determination of total thiol content of serum/plasma and tissue/cell homogenates.

Thiols are those compounds which contain the sulfhydryl group (- SH) attached to a carbon atom. They are endogenous molecules that assist aerobic cells maintaining a reducing state, despite an oxidizing environment. Thiol groups are found in all body cells and are indispensable for life. The detection and measurement of thiol content is one of the essential tasks for investigating biological processes and events in many biological systems.

Thiols interact with 5, 5’-dithiobis-(2-nitrobenzoic acid) (DTNB), forming a highly colored anion with maximum peak at 412 nm. The developed absorbance is proportional to total thiol content of the sample.


  • Reagent 1 (R1) ; Buffer solution 1X50 ml
  • Reagent2 (R2) ; Chromogen solution 1X 5 ml
  • Standard (Std) ; Liquid solution (Stock calibrator) 1X 5 ml

Colorimetric Manuel – spectrophotometric Fully Automated All reagents are liquid Ready to use Reagents are more stable and have long lifetimes Suitable for biological fluids, tissue/cell homogenates

Automated Measurement

Short Name :TTL
Mod :End Point Monochromatic
Wavelength :405 nm
Unit :μmol/L
Decimal :3
R1 Volume :366 μl
R2 Volume :17 μl
Sample Volume : 17 μl
Incubation :8,5 min.

Kit Storage : 2-8 ◦C
Preparation : All reagents are ready to use
Equipment : Any Chemistry Analyser or Spectrophotometer
Method : Colorimetric
Exp Date : 6 months from the date of production
Handling : The product should be handled with the care usual when dealing with chemicals.



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